Monday, 21 July 2014

Snow Forms

Once on the ground, snow could be sorted as fine when light and cushioned, crisp when late yet heavier, granular when it starts the cycle of dissolving and refreezing, and in the end ice once it descends, after different liquefying and refreezing cycles, into a thick mass called snow pack. At the point when fine, snow moves with the wind from the area where it initially arrived, shaping stores called snowdrifts that may have a profundity of a few meters. In the wake of joining itself to slopes, blown snow can develop into a snow piece a torrential slide danger on soak inclines. 
  The presence of a snow pack keeps temperatures lower than they would be overall, as the whiteness of the snow reflects most daylight, and any assimilated high temperature goes into softening the snow as opposed to expanding its 
temperature. What might as well be called snowfall is measured to screen the amount fluid is accessible to surge streams from melt water that will happen amid the accompanying spring. Snow spread can ensure crops from great chilly. In the event that snowfall stays on the ground for an arrangement of years continuous, the snow pack forms into a mass of ice called ice sheet. New snow ingests sound, bringing down surrounding clamor over a scene on the grounds that the trapped air between snowflakes lessens vibration. These acoustic qualities rapidly minimize and reverse, once a layer of solidifying precipitation falls on top of snow spread. Strolling crosswise over snowfall creates a squeaking sound at low temperatures.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The Merry Widow

The Merry Widow is an operetta by the Austro-Hungarian composer Franz Lehar. The librettists, Leo Stein, Viktor Leon, based the story – relating a rich widow, and her countrymen’s trying to keep her money in the principality by getting her the right husband – on an 1861 comedy play, L’attache d’ambassade by Henri Meilhac.

The operatta has taken pleasure in extraordinary international success since its 1905 premiere in Vienna and carries on to be regularly accepted and recorded. Film and other adaptation have also been made. Well-known music from the score comprises the “Vilja Song”, “Da geh’ ich zu Maxim”, and the “Merry Widow Waltz”.

Monday, 18 February 2013


The Pontevedrian Embassy

A ball is being held in honor of the birthday of the Grand Duke of Pontevedro. Baron Zeta, the Ambassador, ponders the problem of how to save his country from impending bankruptcy. Meanwhile, right under his nose, the Parisian Camille de Rosillon is wooing Zeta’s wife Valencienne. Camille has just written on her fan what she will not allow him to say: “I love you.” They are interrupted by Zeta, and Valencienne drops the fan. Zeta is anxiously awaiting the arrival of Anna Glavari, the widow of a Pontevedrian banker who has left her 20 million francs. 

This news makes the Frenchmen Cascada and St. Brioche eager to meet her, which in turn makes Zeta and his councillors, Bogdanowitsch and Kromov, very worried: If the Widow marries a Frenchman, her millions will be lost to the Fatherland. Zeta is determined that Anna shall marry a Pontevedrian, and has selected Count Danilo as the ideal bridegroom, but Danilo has not yet appeared at the ball. He orders his assistant, Njegus, to locate Danilo, and goes off to be ready to greet the Widow. Meanwhile, Camille continues his pursuit of Valencienne. She loves him, but considers her marriage to be sacred. Camille is disappointed but persistent. They leave as Zeta arrives with Njegus, who has finally found Danilo carousing at Maxim’s. Danilo has promised to come to the ball after one more bottle.

Anna sweeps into the ballroom and is surrounded by a group of hopeful French suitors. She reflects that she might be loved for her millions rather than for herself. Valencienne introduces Camille to her, whispering to Camille that he must end their affair and marry the Widow. Anna, meanwhile, invites everyone to a Pontevedrian party at her house later on, and declares that she is ready to dance. Zeta pushes through the crowd of suitors, claims the first dance for himself, and escorts her into the ballroom.
Danilo arrives. He is a little the worse for champagne, so he decides to have a nap, which is briefly interrupted by the entrance of Valencienne and Camille. She is in a panic because she has lost the incriminating fan. Camille promises to try to find it. Anna appears and is surprised to see Danilo, to whom she was once engaged. Danilo had wanted to marry Anna, who was then a farmer’s daughter, but his uncle would have disinherited him. She bitterly tells him that her millions would now make up for her plebeian blood. Stung, Danilo tells her that she will never again hear him say, “I love you.” She throws down her glove as a challenge and leaves. Zeta comes upon Danilo and urges him to marry Anna, but he refuses. He does, however, promise to keep off all foreign suitors. A “ladies’ choice” dance is announced, and Anna chooses Danilo. He refuses to dance, instead offering to “sell” the dance for 10,000 francs, thus discouraging the Frenchmen. Camille is about to offer the money, but the jealous Valencienne stops him. Meanwhile, Njegus finds the lost fan and hands it to Zeta. Danilo and Anna are left alone, and to the strains of the waltz, she is caught up in his arms.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Merry may refer to:
Alcohol intoxication
Merry (surname)
Merry (EP), an EP by Gregory Douglass
Merry (song), a song by American power pop band Magnapop
Meriadoc Brandybuck, from The Lord of the Rings
Merry Pemberton, from various DC Comics
Merry (band), a Japanese rock band
The Merry Men band of outlaws who follow Robin Hood
Merry Township, Thurston County, Nebraska

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Hosea-more background.

The Messiah of Hosea:
Matthew 2:15 quotes the second half of Hosea 11:1 to show that the Exodus of Israel the nation from Egypt was also a foreshadowing of the Lord Yeshua's exodus from Egypt as a child. Both Israel and Messiah left canaan to escape death, by famine for Israel and Herod's ordering the death of all boys 2 years old and under in Bethlehem.
Keys to Hosea:
Key word-the loyal love of G*D for Israel. The themes of chapters 1-3 echo throughout the rest of the book.
The adultery of Gomer(chapter 1) is a reflection of Israel's infidelity(4-7), the degradation of Gomer(2) reflects G*D's Judgment on Israel(8-10), and Gomer's redemption by Hosea(3) is what G*D promises Israel in restoration(11-14).
Hosea's prophetic message was a mirror of his marriage, he was; faithful, just, loving and forgiving, just as G*D is!
But G*D's Holiness is shown in contrast to Israel's corruption and apostasy. G*D's justice is contrasted to the Northern Kingdom's never having a good king, her lack of justice. G*D's Love is contrasted to Israel's hardness of heart and empty ritual. G*D's loyalty is unconditional and everlasting inspite of Israel's(and ours as individuals and as a nation) sins.
Key verses;
4:1 and 11:7-9
Key chapter;
4 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."
Hosea is the Northern Kingdom's Jeremiah, the last call before judgment is consummated. His personal tragedy is a reflection of the national condition. Can we see ourselves here? I can.
But there is still hope, G*D must discipline but HIS Arms are held wide open to the returning prodigal. May we pay heed to HIM!

Friday, 29 June 2007

Hosea Or what to do with a wandering wife.

Hosea means "salvation", it comes from the same root word that the names Joshua and Yeshua come from.

He was a prophet of the Northern Kingdom, also known as Israel and Ephraim. As is true in America today, the land was experiencing increased prosperity and growth. But under the surface there lurked a rot in the heart of the people and nation.

During Hosea's 50 years of ministry he had a 3-fold message;

1)G*D hates and abhors sin

2)judgment is certain

3)G*D's Love remains.

Hosea had a true compassion for his people, and his unfortunate marriage gave him insight into G*D's Heart towards HIS people.

Hosea ministered during the reigns of Uzziah(767-739), Jotham(739-731), Ahaz(731-715) and Hezekiah(715-686 BC)who were the kings in Judah. When he began, Jeroboam II was still reigning in Israel. This makes him a younger contemporary of Amos. He was also contemporary to Isaiah and Micah in the south. Hosea's ministry spanned the last 6 kings of Israel, from Zechariah(753-752) to Hoshea(732-722BC).

Tiglath-Pileser III(745-727BC) was strengthening Assyria, also during this time Israel's last 6 kings enjoyed short reigns. 4 were murdered and 1 was carried as a captive to Assyria. There was confusion and decline during the last years of the Northern Kingdom as the people refused to abandon their idolatry and sin.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Where art thou, Europe?

Comments in color
Europe is rapidly becoming a cesspool, the foolish jetisoning of Christianity is showing that the foundations are made of sand. How long can a civilization last, when every pillar and solid rock is rejected? When truth is illegal, and disagreeing with the government(and established beaureacrats) can mean jail. And what is the logical conclusion of this trend?

I think that the majority will agree, because Greece and Rome come to mind! The internal rot that causes collapse, the barbarification of society, the 'man on horseback" who promises safety, security and prosperity, at what cost? Only your soul!


Comparing abortion, Auschwitz nets jail time
Crime is 'incitement of the people,' court rules in ordering prison term
Posted: June 28, 2007 1:00 a.m. Eastern
By Chelsea Schilling© 2007

A 55-year-old Lutheran pastor will spend a year in jail for comparing Germany's abortion rate of 150,000 annually to the murder of Jews in Auschwitz during the Holocaust, according to Salem Voice Ministries.
Johannes Lerle has been found guilty of "volksverhetzung" or "incitement of the people." An Erlangen court claimed his statement was a denial of the Holocaust suffered by the Jews at the hands of Nazi-Germany during World War II.

Doesn't sound like he is denying the Holocaust, but reiterating the horrors of mass murder.
"Previously, he had been jailed for eight months for calling abortionists 'professional killers.' An allegation which the court ruled to be slanderous because the court says the unborn are not human," an anonymous pro-life activist in Germany told Salem Voice Ministries.

Maybe the thought of committing murder is why fewer interns are opting for abortion as a career? Maybe that is why the Hippocratic Oath was discarded? After all it states that, "above all, do no harm" and forbids abortions...trying to clear the way, but it seems that American medical students are in it to save lives, rather than end them.

"Berlin is Germany's abortion capital. For every 1,000 babies born in Berlin, 344 were killed in their mother's womb," Pro-life With Christ reports. "In the city with 3.4 million inhabitants 10,024 babies were aborted [in 2006]."

However, such figures fail to account for the substantial number of unrecorded abortions – which are estimated to be equal to the total number of reported abortions.

Other high-profile religious leaders have also condemned Germany's growing acceptance of abortion. According to a BBC report, the Roman Catholic Church publicly condemned government plans to allow the sale of abortion pill RU-486 in 1998. Archbishop of Cologne Joachim Meissner made a similar comparison between taking the abortion pill and the use of gas in the Holocaust.

Gunter Annen is another pro-life activist who has faced a similar fate at the hands of a German court. In 2005, he asked to end "unjust abortions in medical practice" and was sentenced to 50 days in jail because the courts claimed the term "unjust" can be interpreted to mean "illegal." People who have abortions are not prosecuted if patients receive counseling and terminate the pregnancy within three months of conception.

Nitpicking over words? Sounds like someone is just looking for an excuse to shut up ANY dissent, doesn't sound very liberal, in the classic usage. But then "certain" people don't understand that words mean things, or they understand too well AND are determined to shut up ANY dissent.

Germany uses threats of "volksverhetzung," a tactic once used by Nazis against their enemies, to intimidate many of its citizens – including homeschoolers.

And to think it is leftistas who are using nazi tactics, kind of puts the kibbosh on the idea that nazi's are "right-wingers"...
As WND previously reported, a German court ordered teenager Melissa Busekros to be taken from her home by a police squad and detained in a psychiatric hospital for being homeschooled. She was later returned to her family when an appeals court ruled she was no longer in danger.

In a separate WND report, a federal prosecutor in the German state of Hesse is seeking three-month prison terms for a mother and father who homeschool their six children, even though the family already has paid fines for violating the nation's Hitler-era homeschooling ban and made plans to move.

Officials with the Home School Legal Defense Association, the pre-eminent homeschool advocacy organization in the world, are actively involved in a number of cases. Estimates are that there are about 400 homeschool families in Germany – virtually all of them either forced into hiding or in court.

Many fear the ever-present threat of "volksverhetzung" in contemporary Europe, as it is being used to silence and jail conservative and orthodox citizens for voicing their own deeply felt beliefs.

Coming soon to America? Especially AFTER we are the NAU? Want to bet? Put your money where your beliefs, or assumptions are?

The charge may soon be used to combat creationism as well. On June 26, the Council of Europe, or CoE, Europe's main human-rights body, is scheduled to vote on a proposal advocating the fight against creationism in its 47 member states.

According to CoE's Parliamentary Assembly report, creationists are dangerous "religious fundamentalists" who propagate "forms of religious extremism."

"Creationism, born of the denial of the evolution of species through natural selection, was for a long time an almost exclusively American phenomenon," the report says. "Today creationist theories are tending to find their way into Europe … [T]his is liable to encourage the development of all manner of fundamentalism and extremism, synonymous with attacks of utmost virulence on human rights."