Friday, 29 June 2007

Hosea Or what to do with a wandering wife.

Hosea means "salvation", it comes from the same root word that the names Joshua and Yeshua come from.

He was a prophet of the Northern Kingdom, also known as Israel and Ephraim. As is true in America today, the land was experiencing increased prosperity and growth. But under the surface there lurked a rot in the heart of the people and nation.

During Hosea's 50 years of ministry he had a 3-fold message;

1)G*D hates and abhors sin

2)judgment is certain

3)G*D's Love remains.

Hosea had a true compassion for his people, and his unfortunate marriage gave him insight into G*D's Heart towards HIS people.

Hosea ministered during the reigns of Uzziah(767-739), Jotham(739-731), Ahaz(731-715) and Hezekiah(715-686 BC)who were the kings in Judah. When he began, Jeroboam II was still reigning in Israel. This makes him a younger contemporary of Amos. He was also contemporary to Isaiah and Micah in the south. Hosea's ministry spanned the last 6 kings of Israel, from Zechariah(753-752) to Hoshea(732-722BC).

Tiglath-Pileser III(745-727BC) was strengthening Assyria, also during this time Israel's last 6 kings enjoyed short reigns. 4 were murdered and 1 was carried as a captive to Assyria. There was confusion and decline during the last years of the Northern Kingdom as the people refused to abandon their idolatry and sin.

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